Hands-on Business Growth Consultants

Consulting for Strategic Business Growth

We believe that Strategic Business Growth for an organization comprises clarity of its Vision, its Business Strategy and Happiness of its employees. That is why it is our constant endeavor to help businesses transform and become leaders – in their respective eco-systems and beyond. Our team passionately enables creation of organizations which dominate their industry, yet where frequent raptures of laughter and happiness break the corporate walls of stoic silences and stress.

GautamManthan helps business leaders diagnose problems; and helps them find immediate and long-term solutions. Furthermore, we help create barriers to prevent probable relapses and develop effective and sustainable business growth enablers. With our experienced, hands-on Business Growth Consultants, business leaders have access to expertise on efficient management of crucial functions of their businesses. Our domains of expertise include:
Management Consulting
Management Consulting

Trusted Management Consultants, Business Consultants, Advisors, Subject-Matter Experts, Business Coaches and Mentors

  • Strategic Business Growth through development and implementation of Strategic Plans for Profitable Revenue-Growth.
  • Subject-matter Expertise for Business Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Talent Management, Product, Pricing, Operations and Services.
  • Operational Efficiency Improvement with cost containment and quality control.
  • Company’s Wealth Enhancement through robust Financial planning and fiscal prudence.
  • Make in India for foreign MNCs through support in establishing fully functional Indian subsidiaries.
Sales Strategy
Sales Strategy

Building motivated, Goal-driven, and Performing sales teams, Increasing Profitable Sales

  • Effective Sales Strategies for the organization to ensure elevated levels of business and productivity.
  • Efficient Sales Plans to translate strategies into results. Building Sales Funnels to reap real benefits.
  • Robust Processes and Systems for national, international B2B & B2C sales channels.
  • Motivated, Objective-driven teams to ensure highly driven and effective sales teams.
  • Sales and Coaching Workshops to create culture of objective-driven behavior and constant learning.
HR, Talent Management & Coaching
HR, Talent Management & Coaching

Building a Productive and Motivated Talent Powerhouse, a Coveted Place to Work

  • Organization Designing for an optimal structure with right job designs, competencies, KPIs and ownership.
  • HR Policies Optimization encompassing entire employee lifecycle.
  • Employee Surveys and Feedback Workshops to take stock of existing culture and motivation.
  • Executive Coaching for maximizing potential and build consistently high performing leaders and “Star” performers.
  • Creation of Motivating Workplace through effective talent acquisition, retention, management, and learning & development.
  • Building Perpetually Progressive Companies by creating culture of Innovation.
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy

Establishing Brand Identity, Sales Support, Messaging Strategy, Communication Plan, and Digital Marketing.

  • Long-term Strategic Planning to set in stone Vision, Mission, Objectives, Customer segmentation, Value Proposition and much more.
  • Marketing Strategies Rejuvenation and specialized Customer Communication to increase market share and mindshare.
  • Persuasive Marketing Material to increase market footprint and top-of-the-mind brand recall
  • Shared Value for Business and Society towards Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs.
  • Business Enhancement while Strengthening Ethical Brand Value via Social Marketing Plans.
Operational Efficiency
Operational Efficiency

Creating an Efficient and Streamlined Business, Efficient, Effective and Profitable

  • Optimizing and containing costs to get greater return on investment.
  • Implementing robust Operations and Quality systems to achieve customer delight.
  • Deploying BI dashboards and decision-making data tools to enable effective planning and control.
  • Building national, international Sales and Service Delivery channels to enable effective reach and support.

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When to call for help?

GautamManthan is for you if you want to:

Make Sense of the Rapidly Changing World, especially post-pandemic

      –  the world that leaves you amazed and bewildered, behind your business rivals.

Create sustainable growth

      –  for a business facing challenges, by transforming it into a profitable venture.

Transform your Business

      –  through Strategy and Implementation of Business Growth, Business Plan, Sales, Marketing, Talent, and Business Processes optimization.

Get the best of Cost Containment

      –  to exercise greater control over business finances and enhance profitability.

Minimize Talent Attrition

      –  by getting the right talent and enhancing loyalty of motivated employees.

Develop Talent

      –  to keep ahead of competition by nurturing a culture of innovation and learning & development.

Set-up Business

      –  or subsidiary in India and need sincere, honest support.

Soundboard to test fresh ideas

      –  and check feasibility of new products and services.