The Clients We Serve

Our Clients

GautamManthan works with zestful client organizations which are held back, by varying challenges, from taking a leap into the next stage of business growth. Some categories of the clients we serve well:

Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders

Overwhelmed by myriad challenges of running their businesses and looking for guidance and help to build Business Strategy, have Impactful Sales & Marketing, Manage & Build Talent Pool, Streamline Operations.

Established organizations looking to scale up

Firmly established business ventures in want of support for getting into Next, Bigger phase of business.

MNCs trying to start business in India

International organizations or MNCs looking for a partner to help them understand and navigate the myriad challenges of setting up a successful business / subsidiary in India.

Organizations looking to soundboard new ideas

Organizations with ‘Innovative Ideas’ who need experienced hands to help turn those ideas into successful products and services.

Some Clients Currently Being Transformed

We are currently helping some client organizations find ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. We are putting these entities onto the path of growing their revenues multi-fold; setting-up organizational resources and processes to optimally service their growing businesses; Tweak, twist and set right all constituent elements, e.g., Growth Strategy, Growth Plans, Business Intelligence, Market Intelligence, Talent, Processes, Financial Controls, Business Controls, Cost Containment, Culture and Innovation.

Mobility Solutions Provider

Mobility Solutions Provider

We are hands-on with transforming business of a Integrated Employee Mobility Solutions group which provides pan-India ground transportation services for employees of large corporate clients. After setting the ball rolling with development of Strategic Plan, streamlining External Communication, tweaking Client Communication and transforming Lead Generation, we revamped the HR Function for this 700+ employee powerhouse. There is visibly more enthusiasm as the work moves forward with setting up Strategy and Marketing function for the group.

GautamManthan consulting for an SME Manufacturer

SME Manufacturer

GautamManthan is helping a specialty metal product manufacturer with building Business Model, developing a long-term Growth Strategy and creating a Balanced Scorecard to help this client challenge supremacy of the established international players in this niche business.

IT Solutions Company

IT Solutions Company

We are helping an IT Consulting and Solutions Provider redesign organization and build Sales & Marketing capabilities for flooring the growth gas-pedal - an established entrepreneurial venture planning to grow multi-fold with new product. Development of Sales Plan, Strategy, Communication, Lead generation, promotional paraphernalia and team training for the new product. Readying the organisation for sizable manpower (growing 150% of current size) with HR processes & policies and redesigning Talent Acquisition, on-boarding, Orientation and OJT.

Auto-component manufacturers

Auto-component Manufacturers

Is future full of promise or is it promising continued strife? We are currently helping Tier 1 & Tier 2 Auto Component manufacturers find many answers to build Business Models and Growth Strategies for tomorrow. Be it about BSCs, OKRs, MBO, Organizational Design, Product line enhancement, finding new customer segments, reorganizing business segments or targeting overseas markets. Our goal is to help them tide over current crisis and build sustainable cum profitable businesses for tomorrow.

Start-up auto dealership

Start-up Auto Dealership

We are helping to write the business script for acquisition and success of an upcoming Auto Dealership. The work involves developing and implementing new Business Strategy, Business Plan and Go-to-Market Strategy. We are also supporting the customer with Market Research, liaising with the Auto manufacturer for setting up the dealership, establishing business processes and setting up the organizational processes.

A Trainer for Special Teachers

A Trainer for Special Teachers

This is a project that is close to our heart and is part of GautamManthan’s effort to give back to the society. We are helping this social enterprise by providing Business Development consulting support to develop and implement Customer-acquisition strategy. We are also helping the organization train teachers to enable better learning for children with learning disabilities.