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The 4 Types of Businesses | Who Will Survive the Crisis?

The pandemic has led to the emergence of 4 major leadership styles - Mavericks, Specialists, Optimizers and Dinosaurs. We explore each leadership style and define the action plan for businesses to not just survive but embark on a trajectory of long term business growth.

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Mighty Depravity or Great Trait?

When a leading horse misses to win a race, the fault lies not with the racecourse or the other competitors. Nor are tougher circumstances to blame. Businesses and achievements are only for the good leaders to capture.

What's on your worry-plate?

Every leader should have her / his plate filled with worries. An empty worry-plate is indicative of personal stagnation and decline.

The business happens outside the organization

Running an organization is hard work. Sitting in the office it is easy, at any level, to get completely submerged in the internal affairs of one’s organization – optimizing the product mix, tweaking service delivery, streamlining the supply chain, handling teams, analysing and reviewing performance and so on.

It’s feedback, only if it fuels effective actions.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the most progressive leader of all? Good chances that the mirror shall call your name if you have created environment whereby it can give honest feedback, regularly; its feedback is taken in the right spirit, acted upon diligently; and there are no attempts ever to break the mirror over bitter feedback.

A 'Great'​ Leader at Workplace

At a workplace, positivity flows top down. It is a significant responsibility of the leader to spur and nurture optimism.