Coaching Modules and Handholding

Business Coaching for Smart Business Leaders

Great businesses are do not shy away from taking expert support. Support which can be in the form of Coaching for Business Growth Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Sales Strategy & Planning, Talent & HR Management and, of course, Leadership Development.

Customized Business Coaching for Your Enterprise

If you are an important part of a successful business but struggling to take it beyond, general principles and prevalent wisdom of business are unlikely to help you greatly. In current scenario doing business requires upskilling because conventional methods of business generation are defunct. What you need, to take your business to higher realms, is a contemporary and adaptable strategy which provides you solutions, keeping your long-term goals in mind. And if your business is regularly hitting road bumps, rediscovering the elementary principles offers tremendous help. Each of our business coaching workshops adapts to your specific needs, business and industry. The aim is to set your business on to a path of sustainable, profitable growth.

Outcome-based, Interactive Workshops

In our experience, a significant amount of knowledge and skill are already available with most of the Leadership Teams. But sometimes these go unchanneled or unrecognized or remain under-appreciated. Our outcome-based, interactive business coaching workshops help you appreciate applicable skills & strengths in your business. We arm your teams with actionable intelligence, latest tools and plans to go out and apply those in the market for reaping rich benefits. That is why we call it Business Coaching for Smart Business Leaders.

Paced for You and Your Leadership Team

To ensure the effectiveness of coaching, we work at a level and pace your team can adapt to. As with normal life, once the designated time slot is approaching its end, there is a natural tendency to rush through the remaining content and exercises to stop for the day. We understand that your team might operate at a different pace and learning cannot be rushed and each session must be maximized. So, we put fluid time boundaries to get you maximum benefits from the whole exercise. Our objectives are to get the desired results and not count the number of hours that our team puts into each workshop.

Staying on course

Coaching is most effective when you stay on course with your customized, evolved action plan. Think there is a need to change plans mid-flight? That is designed part for your coaching plan too! We offer you the option of regular reviews to help your team put the action plans in play. We help you identify follow-up actions and requisite course corrections.

Convenient Schedules

When you team is either not able to get full day in one go or you feel they need to learn such skills in short capsules, each full-day workshops can be conducted in three parts during non-business hours - in the mornings, evenings or on weekends. We emphasize that our aim is to get the results. Thus, our coaches shall be happy to run these workshops on weekends, holidays, offsite venues with much flexibility.