About Us

About Us is All About Our Clients

Every independent business leader is a change-maker with a dream. A dream to create a new paradigm, a dream to reimagine the world, a dream to challenge the status quo and a dream to empower lives.

At GautamManthan, we understand that to achieve their dreams, change-makers must be supported by efficient organizations. Thus, organizations must comprise the best of marketers, salesmen, agents of delivery, HR specialists and countless others – who share the same dream and work towards a singular goal.

Our goal is not about us, it is about helping entrepreneurs and business leaders build focused, efficient and productive organizations. We ensure to help our clients realize the true potential of their respective businesses. Our experts realize that it takes more than mere plans and strategies to transform a business. Each of experts knows that it takes teamwork, efficient processes, excellent communication and most importantly, outstanding execution. 

Therefore, we at GautamManthan, are not mere advisors or consultants, we are business enablers. By taking a hands-on approach, we analyze your business, create plans, outline strategies and then work closely with your teams to execute the strategies to get desired results. Because, we know, any business strategy is only as good as its execution!

It is known about us that like our clients, we strive for only one type of outcomes – tangible business results!

The GautamManthan Way

Extensive and diverse experience of working in large global organizations, having set-up successful businesses and companies and first-hand view of the struggles of business leaders. All these insights provide us a unique perspective. This helps us with our approach which is based on pragmatism and empathy. Two tenets are the founding principles of our philosophy :

Involvement over mere engagement

Involvement over mere engagement

In many ways, helping a business is like helping a child learn to walk. Letting go of the child’s hand after first three steps, gives her a new experience without teaching her how to walk. To truly enable her, to start walking well, her hand needs to be held until she is skilled enough to be set free and explore the world independently. Similarly, we are interested in setting up your business for long-term success. Furthermore, we would not engage as piecemeal advisors. But, we would get deeply involved in your business, thus enabling a complete makeover. Our experts would facilitate the transition reinforced by building effective Team Dynamics and Leadership Development Workshops, until your organization is reinforced to take on bigger battles.

Evolution over disruption

Evolution over disruption

Our projects would be designed to metamorphose your organization by deeply immersing into your organizational milieu. All this while ensuring minimal disruptions to your ongoing businesses. Our consultants are equipped to do this and skilled to handle such issues, thanks to their practical experiences in building, nurturing and running companies. Moreover, our consultants have the advantage of living successful corporate careers with large organizations. This enables us to comprehend things well, foresee problems as well as provide solutions to the issues that your business may face.