Our Coaching Methodology - D.A.R.T.S.

Coaching is about enabling business leaders and core teams to unlock and unleash their full potential. Effective Coaching enables them to bring greater value to themselves as well as to the organization. However, Business or Executive/Leadership Coaching can be effective only when these are specifically designed for the organization and each participant. 

One size does not fit all. Thus, GautamManthan develops customized and carefully nurtured coaching modules for every client and each participating member.

Our D.A.R.T.S. Coaching Methodology involves intense discovery, conceptualization, designing, execution, long-term improvement action plans and careful monitoring of implementation. That is the strong fundamental that ensures our clients get excellent results from such exercises.


  • Developing bespoke curriculum for your organization starts with Discovery Sessions early in the engagement.
  • Discovery sessions are conducted with business leaders and the core team members to audit current processes in the organization.
  • This detailed process helps in discovering and understanding realistic coaching needs.
  • Discovery includes one-on-one sessions, with basic research in place.


  • Based on the discovery sessions, we create detailed assessment of your organization, keeping in mind the industry and the business context you operate in.
  • Assessment is research-oriented and conducted to benchmark your organization in the wider business environment.
  • This assessment facilitates fundamental understanding of your business to identify core coaching needs, specific to your organization and people.


  • This is an essential step to confirm and soundboard findings to create excellence in coaching modules. 
  • Reviews comprise detailed discussions with the business leaders to fine-tune findings of the assessment.
  • By taking a consultative approach in the review process we ensure to arrive at an optimal coaching plan specifically tailored to suit your organization.


  • Our team analyzes findings and develops customized program outlines.
  • Team of subject-matter experts prepares and finalizes the coaching sessions for your organization.
  • Expert Coaches finalize the most effective delivery methodology.
  • We assign the most suited coaches for each session.
  • Final agenda is created and shared with the stakeholders in your organization.


  • We work with the respective teams to schedule the workshops keeping in mind their availability.
  • Workshops are conducted as per schedule to maximize achievement of desired results.
  • While we provide an indicative workshop duration, each workshop has in-built flexibility to suit varying requirements of the teams. 
  • This enables us to give more attention to the participants who may need it more than others.
  1. Pre-assessment – Basic benchmarking to ensure everybody is on the same page.
  2. Knowledge sessions – Understanding the key components to success.
  3. Coaching exercises – Applying the knowledge acquired in the knowledge sessions to ensure effective application.
  4. Summarizing the learnings and preparing result-oriented action plan.
  5. Wrap-up, Conclusions and Action Plans– Detailed plan to reap benefits and achieve desired results.
  6. Post-workshop review and assessment of implementation and effectiveness.